Fall Art Walk

Join the galleries at Book Hill for our biannual art walk. The Fall Art Walk will be held on September 8, 2018 5 to 7pm and feature 7 galleries along Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown.



Trevor Young: Light Structures
April 14 – May 26th

Open Sky,  2018, oil on panel, 12 x 12 inches

This exhibition, the third at Addison/Ripley by Trevor Young, marks a significant step forward for the artist. Although some of the work presented will be very recognizable to fans and collectors, other more ambitious works directly address the show’s title, Light Structures, by positioning wholly imagined architectural forms suspended over, rising from or cantilevered off of landscape elements.

Artist’s Proof

Color and Intent in Abstraction
May 5 – Jun 3

Robert Schoenfeld’s Rio De Colore’ #20, Acrylic on Paper, 30″ x 44

“This exhibition features works that are highly ambiguous and direct our attention to the work itself, without references to people or objects in the external environment. As a result, the viewer uses the most apparent element – color, to interpret the work through their impressions; memories associated with the colors they view. Featuring works by Saya Behnam (Iranian), Robert Schoenfeld (American), Kikuko Morimoto (Japanese) and Caleb Nichols (American), Artist’s Proof will be presenting an exhibition that brings into question how we interpret and conceptualize the world around us.

Cross Mackenzie Gallery

Stratum. May 4 – June 18
Steve Miller, Nick Geankoplis, & Adam Zablocki

Flow Worm, 2017

“Stratum” includes 3 artists working with layered imagery in different medium: Paintings from Steve Miller’s recent exhibition at the National Academy of Science called “Health of the Planet”  layer satellite pictures of logging roads over Amazonian animal habitats. Nicholas Geankoplis uses appropriated Chinese imagery imbedded into think glazes dripping onto oversized porcelain tiles along with Adam Zablocki’s absurdly non-utilitarian vessels.

Klagsburn Studios
Micheline Klagsbrun, Raye Leith, and Joe Hall
New and Recent Work
Dates: Ongoing

ink on vellum

Susan Calloway Fine Arts
Variations on a Theme: Abstracts by David Bell
Dates: April 28 – May 26
 Untitled, 2018
For his second solo show at Susan Calloway Fine Arts, David has produced a new body of work that includes both paintings, collage, and works on paper in dialogue with one another. Layers of glue, paint, paste, and plaster are applied structurally over printed media and canvas. David focuses especially on the interplay of these materials as he works. The finished products are often organic in form despite the methodical process from which they coalesce. These works incorporate both geometric and expressionist abstract styles, are are influenced by great mid-century painters like Franz Kline, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly and Agnes Martin.

Washington Printmakers Gallery
Mezzotints by Douglas Bosley
Dates: May 3 – 27
Mezzotints have a rich history of printmaking for broadcasting socially relevant content. Using this traditional media, Douglas Bosley imagines a future version of earth where the familiar environment has been eclipsed by engineered ecosystems and mechanical creations that have run amok. Detailed imagery and dynamic lighting lure viewers into a narrative world populated by colonies of micro-robots called Auxons. The joyous and curious nature of these ‘creatures’ plays counterpoint to a more serious investigation of the conditions that have produced them and the world they have inherited. Bosley focuses upon what is physically real and possible. His work proposes an alternate history and future time line with roots in the physical laws and scientific discourse. It suggests that we are agents who can affect real change in the world and must claim responsibility for our actions.